Coming Soon....

A Julius Meinl is coming to my hood. This further proves I made an excellent choice in hoods.

I enjoy Julius Meinl because one is served their hot beverage choice on a silver platter with a piece of chocolate. All food served to me should come on a silver platter with a piece of chocolate. There is a lot to be said for presentation.

I will pay extra for presentation.

When I was getting the Julius Meinl image for this blog I found out something quite appears that the Julius Meinl on Southport in Chicago is the only one in The United States. Could this be accurate?

This is a crime. Brining more Julius to the U.S. should be on the lips of everyone running for President. I mean really people, health care reform and war can take a back seat to this issue. Let's be real.

Why as Americans are we settling for Starbucks in a paper cup when we could have coffee on a silver platter? We are Americans, damn it. Self absorbed, entitled Americans that should be demanding the very best. Fuck the cup, give me a silver tray.

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