Eating is my Passion

There are some people you are friends with and you really don't know why. is obvious....

It is clear to me that I am friends with Hope because - she likes to eat.

Hope is an actual person - I am not saying my friend Hope as in, my friend: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. I am not saying I am hanging out with my personal hope. I am not running around town getting a table for two: me and my hope. Left there with an empty seat for my expectation and desire. That would be weird.

I moved to a new neighborhood that has the most excellent variety of eating establishments.

Today we dined and not one...but two resturants. Oink.

I find that eating improves the quality of my life. I like to try everything. I like a companion that is not afraid to try anything. I also like a companion that will let me eat off their plate.

Hope provides me with these needs.

I can also read her mind because I have the same piggish thoughts.

We settled in to Tank to enjoy some sushi and she paused and said "I am thinking..."and paused again.

I knew what she was thinking - or at least I was hoping I knew.

"Tell me" I said "I think it is going to be a good idea"

A good idea because I knew she was thinking my idea and I am nothing but full of good ideas...except in the case of trying to open exploding coffee makers....

She explained we would go on a food crawl - like a pub crawl but this would center around eating and not drinking although wine would accompany our food.

I KNEW IT! This was my idea! I LOVE IT! She is a brilliant lady as am I. I LOVE TO EAT! OINK!

So we shared two rolls of sushi at Tank with some wine. Then we moved onto Fiddlehead Cafe and had some small plates and soup and I enjoyed a flight of champagne.

That is where the crawl ended.

There is going to be lots of crawling this summer. I will be eating up and down Lincoln Avenue.

Goal Weight: 300lbs

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Lisa said...

Love it! Count me in for any food crawls. I love partaking in the joys of food.