Turns out there is a good reason guns should be illegal.

When you don't use them for 3 years you forget how to use them and you are fiddling with them, you are peering down the barrel, you are shooting around your house to see if it is loaded and how to shoot it.

If I only I could have taped what I have been doing for the last 15 minutes I could have made a video called "What Not To Do With a Gun of Any Sort"

UGH! I have no clue how to load the damn BBs....


Update: went on-line and is loaded and ready. I had to cock it to open the BB depository...and I have no clue how to uncock it...unless i shoot. It remains cocked.

ahhhh- ha here I am with my discreetly placed BB


Mere said...

fear not friends, I found my answer on the WWW.

On to laundry. Don't worry - I called the lord of the land.

Frost Cake Co. said...

Nice photo Mere. Crack Kills.

Mere said...

No crack here. No crack here.

What are you talking about???

You are on crack.

That was such a Hallet comment

Jenni said...

holy crap. that's all i have to say.