It's an Urban Bike Ride, Yo!

I was out riding about town up north and then as I was about to turn home...I decided it was so nice out that I would ride down to the zoo and photo document my adventures...

It's an urban bike ride, yo!!

Turn around so I can take a nice picture you lazy worthless beast:

I became hungry on my voyage so I ate this:

People great and small love the polar bears:

I am glad this is not my job:

I am a lover of the conservatory:

One day the kingdom that I was kidnapped from will find me. Then when I return to rule my land I will have a greenhouse with the flowers from above and a giant palm...

and a koi pond...

And a nice tree that has these giant blooms...

The next time I come down here, these gardens better be planted. Or there will be hell to pay:

The gentleman with the sweater tied around his neck hijacked the boy's razr scooter and then wiped out on it. It was cool

I smelled someone smoking the dope on the lake front path:

Did I ride my bike to Phoenix? El Pollo Loco is in Chicago, ready to serve you some flamed grilled chicken

Thas Right, Ya'll:

I am also a lover of grand city churches. This one needs some work but it is still charming

What is going on here? There is a sign that says "Happy Birthday Buddah 2632", Will there be a performance?


natalie said...

I love your city adventure! You look cute in your helmet. HA!!

Lindsey J said...

A. I am bothered by your uneven distribution of mustard on the dog. Did you notice there was an entire bite with no mustard? Is this a habit?
B. I love Chicago
C. I love dope
D. I love Jesus

Mere said...

Let it be known that I did not prepare the hot dog myself. It was prepared for me. The man was careless. I think he was doing mustard art. I told him I would not care for tomatoes on my dog and I saw him put them on. They he muttered "no tomato" under his breath, removed the tomato and then artfully or carelessly - who knows - applies the mustard.

oh...I just realized he did not put peppers on my dog. I said "everything but tomatoes". This is what the world has come to. I need to specifically ask for pepper because fools with sensitive palates say everything and then get all hell bent when they receive a tasty pepper.

Mere said...

And...make no mistake...Lindsey is correct. All should love Chicago. Chicago is the best city in the world. You a fool if you think different.

Lindsey J said...

did you mean to write "you're a fool" or where you being B.A Baraccus with "you a fool"?

Mere said...

I do in fact pity da fo' that does not acknowledge that Chicago is the best.

Yes, winter can be rough- but in the end - it is worth the fruits.

I did in fact have to look up who the hell B.A. Baraccus was.