Fool with a capital F

I missed my flight to Spain this morning. MORON.



Anyway....all is good. I will now go sleepy super early as not to make the same mistake again. FOOL!!!!

hfgreuiofahben k

I just spent my entire evening talking with some man with from a country I had never heard of....a country that is a Danish territory. whatever --- he bought me beer. I care not for geography...I care for my drinks being bought.


I am currently in a small town in northern Denmark. I am related to 75% of the people that reside here. I do not kid.

The Scandanavian people are mostly good looking. I am good looking. The Scandanavians also do not steal. I do not steal.

If you are good looking in any manner and you are not a theif...chances are you can trace your roots to Scandanavia.

If you can not trace your roots to these fine are a hideous ill mannered theif. I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'

I am also kidding. Geez...don't take me so seriously.

If you have a baby here = 1 year off work, paid by the gov't. Sign me up. I want to be a paid baby machine.

Unlocked Bikes

Apparently in Denmark people just leave their bikes unlocked on the streets. Yes, unlocked. Imagine living somewhere - where you could leave your bike unlocked and no one would steal it.

Obviously due to my current bike situation I am bitter about this.

I want to move here. I want to live somewhere, where the people do not steal. I would exchange the 2 hours of sunlight in the winter for no stealing. I hate filthy theiving Americans. HATE THEM. Why do people steal?

UGH! Hate them.

I have heard that the Danes hate the Thai people that live here. That is fine with me. I can learn to hate the Thai as long as it does not interfere with my eating of the Thai cuisine. I am fond of any dish that involves a wide flat rice noodle.


My bags are in Germany. I am in Denmark. wa wa.

I'm so mad I'm going blind...

Someone stole my bike.
Let me give you my bike history:

Freshman year college: I had a bike. It was destroyed because it sat outside the Palo Verde East Dormitory. This did not surprise me and I really did not care.

Sophomore year: Bikeless year. I was using my roommate’s bike and I as a rode home after a night of debauchery I was hit by a car. There I was…half under a mini van on Apache Boulevard…yet still on the bike, foot on the pedals, just lying there under the mini van. I paid $70 to get the bike fixed.

I get new bike sometime…not sure when.

Senior Year: hippies stole my bike. This is why I have a small hatred for hippies. You see, my friend and I had the same bike. I had my bike at her place. I went to retrieve it and it was missing and the damneded hippies tried to say my friend’s mangled bike was mine. NO. My friend was hit by a car on that bike and it was mangled beyond recognition. Hence – I knew it was not my bike. Stinkin’ thieving hippies.

The Huffy: This is my pal. I actually love her but she is a shitty bike. She has seen me through it all. But she is lame. I actually toted her from Phoenix to Chicago. Yes, I toted an $80 bike 1800 miles. Stop laughing. I still have her – but she is rusted and icky.

Bought new bike 2 MONTHS ago and it has come to my attention that it has been stolen sometime this week. I am pissed.

I have posted a sign in the bike area asking for it to be returned.


Go Devils

ASU is #7 on Princeton Review's "Top 10 Schools Where Students Rarely Study". Well....duh. Quite frankly, I am disappointed it is not number one.


Should I just make this thing public ????

I has been brought to my attention...

That I have a thing for guys in bands. Yes...I do. It is true. I am currently after one. I predict this will last until the end of the week when I leave - then my man ADD will settle on something else.

Fried Chicken

Earlier today I was in the ghetto. It took me some time to actually get out of the ghetto. My companion and I had to walk, get on a bus, take a cab - it is as though they don't want you to get out of there. The over exposure to the ghetto left me with one feeling - the desire to eat fried chicken. That is correct, something about the ghetto just gives me an appetite for the greasy grade 4 chicken cooked in boiling oil. YUM! Please don't hold the trans fats.
I need an editor.....I am just one mistake after another on this thing...

This is a photo of me post-Summer Soiree. I do beleive I had too much to drink at this point. Luckily for me and the rest of Chicago, my feet were killing me so I was unable to run wild in the streets.

*I am completely aware that I look like a polack in this photo. Do not be alarmed if someone that looks like this shows up at your door, mop in hand, to clean your house.

I decided to start a blog. I was once told of this blogging long long ago..when I lived in a place called: Arizona. I no longer reside there.

Anyway - there are three reasons I have started this:

1. My friend has one and I felt the need - I am a follower

2. I am funny and my funny thoughts should be available at all hours

3. I refuse to be 30 and have a myspace.