The Wink

If there is one thing I could be in would be a winker.

You know these KNOW you want to be them. There are VERY FEW of these that have mastered it...but surely you have run across them:

The people that slide in a wink when talking. It is THE MOST CHARMING thing. It makes you feel special. "oh look...they winked at me...I am in their special circle. I am chosen. I am in their royal favor" that is what you think.

Today I learned that the power of the wink is something that even small children are amused and spellbound by.

I was seated next to a two year old. She was staring at me and I tried the simple smile and got nothing out of her. Just the who-are-you-and-why-are-you-seated-next-to-me-stare.

Then...something came over me and when I looked back at her I winked. She smiled a cute open mouth smile. I won her over with a wink.

The power of the wink is not to be taken lightly. Surely Hitler was a winker...I of course would use my wink for good, unlike him. But we can not deny the power.

I will become a winker. I will. I have said this a million times and it never happens. But...I will try.

Lord - make me a winker.


Frost Cake Co. said...

I was a winker...I catch myself doing it. I have wiinked at co-workers and I think they get the wrong idea. Winking must be out of the office...unless you want to start an office romance. I love the wink, I love to be winked at, master the wink!

Mere said...

Indeed you were.

Now get back on it.