Natural Disasters

People are braced in the northeast for Sandy.

People are being told to evacuate.

They closed down the stock market...that is some serious business.

So please - evacuate and take care.

People are insane when it comes to natural disasters.  They want to ride shit out and protect their property.  WHAT? 

When I lived in Arizona and we had insane fires all over the state people would refuse to evacuate - they wanted to stand their ground.  DUDE - it is an insane ravaging fire...not a calvary of Indians on horseback.  You can't reason with a fire.  You can't wave a gun around and scare it off.  So - just get the fuck out before you die.  The fire shall take you.  Do you want to go the way of Bambi's mom?

I am passionate for taking proper precautions... but I am a hypocrite.

I have felt an earthquake three times in my life, all times while laying in bed and just couldn't be bothered to take any sort of action.  I just laid there....shakin'

When I was watching TV one night a tornado siren went off and I was annoyed.  It took me ten minutes to get off the couch.  The only thing I did was put some pants on.   I don't like wearing pants sometimes...ok.   I figured if I was going to be tossed a couple miles via wind I should at least have the decency to be wearing pants.  Then...I got in my car and drove to Target.  Yup - took that seriously.

When the blizzard struck Chicago - I walked myself down to the local bar.  Staying indoors was not something I took seriously.

I HATED having building fire drills when I worked downtown.  UGH!  I got better things to do than skip down all those stairs and stand outside for a period of time.  PLUS - I am big.  I don't need a fucking drill.  If shit goes down and I need to get the fuck out of somewhere I will knock down the small and weak to save myself.  I have NO problem admitting this.  Drills are for the little people and they shouldn't be drills to exit the building.  They should be drills on how to defend yourself from the giant people of Northern European decent that will come barreling down the stairwell and toss you aside. 

Really we have all become desensitized to tornado sirens and drills and warnings.  The weathermen are typically such alarmists that we don't think much of these warnings. 

But I guess when the TODAY show is telling you to purchase kitty litter to poop in and the President is telling you to listen to local should take action.  I am not sure what I would do in that situation....probably go to Target or a bar.