I successfully enter and left via my back door twice and no squirrel.

Then I left again. I live on the 3rd floor - which is really the 4th.

I go down 2 flights...and I am met with Mr. Squirrel. He started doing that noise...the angry squirrel clicking noise.

In fear for my life, I marched back up the stairs and then left via the front door.

Great. This F-ing squirrel is running my life.

I will not take this.

The problem I see is the elusive behavior. So I can't call my lord of the land...what is he going to do? Sit with some nuts and lure the alleged squirrel out? The guy will think I am crazy after hours of no squirrel.


I have a B B gun. It is in the secret drug smuggling compartment of my car. If you have a VW and do not know about this...don't feel bad. I had the car for at least 3 years before I found it. Right now there is a BB gun and a stuffed Paddington Bear...dont' ask.

Anyway...The BB is coming out. It isn't even CO2. It is spring loaded. If I actually hit the squirrel - it will be like a pinch. So don't worry you nutty animal lovers.

I am going to be armed and dangerous with this BB.


My BB looks like an actual hand gun.

Can you imagine? I am in the faux porch area of my apartment building waving around what appears to be a hand gun???

Someone will call the police.

I will be arrested.

It will make a good blog entry if nothing else.

I am willing to risk it...

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