I am adding more photos to my blog.

This is from this weekend. In the photo with me is Rachel. It was her birthday celebration. She was born 4 years and 1 day after me. Wow. I am old.

To get up to The Grafton I took the ol' L.

Of course nothing can be normal.

As I walked to the L, I was stalked by a cab.

It never fails. Every time you need a cab. When you can't get one - they are honking at you as to lure you in their cab. I love when they do this when you are standing underneath a bus stop sign. It is ridiculous. Am I clearly standing at a bus stop? Is my hand in the air? So I probably don't need a cab.

This time - I was actively stalked. The man actually rolled down his window and was talking to me and slowing driving down the road:

"You want a free cab ride?"
"I give you a free ride"
"Come on, get in my cab"
"I give you ride anywhere"
"Happy Easter"

I refuse to take 'free' cab rides.


natalie said...

You look fabulous, Mere!

Frost Cake Co. said...

Mere you are ADORABLE! Cute picture!