I live in an apartment building of idiots.

About one month ago an accumulation of garbage began in the laundry facilities.

There is a conveniently located dumpster on the south side of the building. But apparently someone's butler had the last month off and they had taken to leaving their garbage in the laundry area.

This would not bother me if was - let's say...paper products. Perhaps then I would take it as a protest to the lack of a recycling program.

But no. It is fried chicken, coke cans, and left over Chinese take out.

I've called the management company 3 times. They are NOT taking care of it.

Last week someone posted a sign telling everyone they are disgusting.

I applaud that.

So today...garbage is still there.

So I took the time to post this:

Dear Rats and Cockroaches,
Please find your way into the building and feast on the below buffet. Then, when you are done please take residence in the apartments.

What in god's name are these people thinking?

You can't leave food products out and about for a month and not expect various beasts to find it.

That is why we have this public service that removes our trash weekly.

I am horrified.

I am calling 311 to report my management company.

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