Do you understand.... much thought goes into the musical selection on my blog? Do you?

Probably not.

It is VERY hard to think of songs on the spot. And I am not good at remembering artists and titles. is a nightmare. I may discontinue the music.

It is March. March is the birth month for everyone in my family. Hence the current selection mentions family in some manner.

You may wonder what "The End" is all about. Well...I couldn't think of a father song. And I wasn't about to be lame. It is the end of the song where it comes in. Sometimes...I want to kill my dad. But in an affectionate manner.

This is an oddity:

My sister is born on my father's birthday - March 5.
I am born on my grandfather's birthday (as in my dad's dad) - March 20.
My mother is March 24.

It should be noted that on March 22, 1977 - my mother dropped me down the stairs. I survived. That is right...I am indestructible.

Anyway - I won a contest when I was born. My grandfather (who would have been 100 years old this year) stated that if any grandchild was birthed on his birthday they would win a prize. That being...a $100 savings bond.

Oh yes...start your engines for that $100.

Since I am born of fertile peasant stock...most of my cousins are also born within days of my fabulous day of birth. If you are a fertile peasant you can plan such things. If you are of high class royalty stock you can not. It is the only benefit of being of peasant stock: fat, healthy, well planned offspring.

Don't challenge me. It is true. Why do you think people on welfare have 900 children? Because they come from the peasant stock. Why do you think rich people adopt Asian children? Because they don't have the fertility of the peasants...too much inbreeding in their ancestors.

Peasants liked to f*ck anyone, preferably not their brother. Royalty of yesteryear liked to f*ck their cousins.

I am making light of a serious situation. I recently looked into freezing eggs as I want to have babies (not now) and I am mateless.

It comes down to this:

It costs $10,000 to freeze eggs.

I can either save $10,000 so I have a down payment on a living space and have spoiled eggs.
Or I can freeze my eggs and one day be the old woman that lived in a shoe that had so many children she didn't know what to do.

Either way...I am screwed.

This is where being of that royalty stock pays can buy anything. Babies, houses, cars....but when you are a peasant you are just a fertile womb with no where to go but an enormous shoe.


The Kahles said...

Can you use that $100 bond to freeze some eggs? It's got to be worth something by now, hasn't it?

Natalie James said...

She probably spent it...didn't you, Mere?
Money burns holes in our pockets.

Lisa said...

You like shoes, right? Would it really be THAT bad to live in a shoe?? I would reconsider.

Crystal said...

Katie stole my thunder... that's exactly what I was going to say! Although, Natalie's probably right, you probably spent it. I had a $100 savings bond from my grandma once upon a time, and cashed it in for spending money on a trip to Mexico. Hope it made Grandma proud.