I gots nothing....

My life is full of taxes and the like.

Ummmmmmmm.....I turn 31 on Thursday....March 20.

This fact makes me ill. But I will live.

Eventually I will forget how old I am...until next year.

Did you know, that I am born on the last day of the astrological calender and according to the stars....that makes me the most evolved human.

Clearly you have been wondering why and how I am so wise yet witty...well...that explains it.

You will note that one of my updated songs is: Absentstar's, For God Sakes.

This is the coolest song of the moment.

If you enjoy my blog, perhaps you should march your arse to ITunes and purchase the song for the low price of 99 cents.

Do it.

It is my friend's band. Support your up and coming musicians. Do it.

I said...DO IT.

You know how they have drives on Public Radio to get you to give them money? Then you do give them money because you find you do listen to them?

Well this is the same thing.

If you enjoy my blog...STOP BEING CHEAP and SPEND THE DIME on my friend's song.

It will make you cool.

We all want to be cool.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!

Lins - don't get mad at me again for missing your birthday. It was a fluke that I logged onto Mere's page ON her birthday.

Mere - not that that should detract from the well-wishes.