Do not mess with the door.

This is the face of anger.

'Anger at the Starbucks' is what I call this photo.

People are oblivious to what is going on around them. How does one not note that they did not close a door when it is 32 degrees outside?

Yup - just swing that door right open, make the grand entrance you so deserve and have no regard for shutting the door.

I was at the 24 hour Starbucks this evening, getting some work done and apparently only 50% of the population closes doors when they are flung open. I could see thinking the door was meant to be open if perhaps it was pleasant out. But it is slushy and freezing. Clearly the door is meant to be closed. Close it behind you. And if you meet the door already open, close it, you FOOL.

Eventually, I decided that I would haul over to the retail Starbucks propaganda area, grab a ceramic mug for sale, break it, as to create a sharp edge and then slice the throat of the next person who left the door open.

This is me watching the door like a hawk every time I sensed movement in the door's vicinity.

"Go ahead" I would think to myself, every time a patron wandered in or out, "leave that door open. I will kill you, you mother f*cker. I am not kidding. I will kill you. This is not a joke. Go ahead, leave that door open"

I was soon convinced that I had mind control over everyone. Because if I placed the threat out there...they closed the door. But every time I did not have my eyes on that was left open. Then I would look around the establishment, thinking "alright, which one of you mother f*ckers left that door open. Which one of you sneaky f*cks, left the damn door open? Tell me. I will kill you. I am not kidding"

Finally ... I caught someone leaving the door open. Sadly, it was a policeman so I felt it was better not to sacrifice him for my cause.

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Muffin Cake said...


This makes me think of a college math class I took, where this bitch in the row across from me NEVER passed the sign in sheet to our row. Everyone was passing it down the row and across the aisle, down and across, etc. She would get it in her little aisle seat and instead of passing it across the aisle she would pass it to the person in front of her.

I missed most of MAT082 because I spent it in a fury staring at the back of her ugly stupid head silently cursing her for being an oblivious twit.