Dear Spring,

Where are you? This is a photo from my neighborhood this morning. This is not spring.

Actually, you know what spring??? I don't even like you. You are my least favorite season. You and your empty promises of arrival come in dead last on my season list.

You make me sweat when it is 70 degrees out. You leave the town wet, muddy and generally icky. You can never decide if you are staying or not. You come for a few days then skip town. You are a flake.

Never show up if you don't want. See if I care. Go ahead - see if I care. I don't! Summer can march right into Chicago and I will be a happy lady. I don't need you.

Kind Regards,

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Lindsey J said...

OOOH, how I love your hood. I want to live there - even if Spring never comes.