UGH! Seriously....

I have one word for this: VOMIT

Now some more words:

As you all should know: I detest Mandonna. She is disgusting. Her body is disgusting. Her music sucks. She has a bad personality. I need not go on....

The picture is proof: Mandonna has a cock and Gal Richie has a vagina.

There are certain relationships I ponder, particularly when the woman is a giant c*nt. In this case, it has been figured out. Their anatomy has been switched. They had the surgery. Those are man arms...YUCK. No woman gets arms like that unless they have testicles..which then makes them a man. should be noted that GQ stated Gal Richie is the most emasculated man on the planet. What did I say? What did I say in that e-mail? V.A.G.I.N.A.

More posts later. I just wanted to make sure everyone sees Mandonna without airbrushing - for the beast she is. Lots of airbrushed photos flying around of her lately. But this is her for real. SICK. VOMIT. GROSS. EEK.


Lindsey J said...

ok, fine - she's gross - but I simply cannot agree that her music sucks. I mean, what kind of child of the 80's are you?

btw - i had to type "fsnwafa" to get this posted. it made me laugh. fsnwafa.

Mere said...

The 80's sucked.

There were an error of a decade.


I don't like your "ok, fine" - as though you are giving in. I want more passion.

Muffin Cake said...

Hmmmmm....I do not detest her as you do. I just don't. Although I will concede she has freakish arms.

Anonymous said...

More passion? Are you asking for someone to rip on you right to your blog-face? If so, you know I will do it. I will do it and you will laugh, just like you used to laugh when I would slap you on the leg and call you a dumb ass.
-you may remember me as kdong