I love it

I have filed a complaint with the city against my management company.


I feel like I have done a citizen's arrest.

Although...I am sure nothing will come of it. Allegedly an inspector has been notified. I don't know what this inspector does but I am hoping he comes by in a trench coat and and a 40's style hat armed with a small pad of paper and takes notes.

However - I wish I could find the idiot that created the problem. I would have them take the garbage to the alley and then I would strap them nude to the pile. I would leave them there over night...so the rats could have their way with them.

When I first moved to Chicago I did not understand that 311 was the general city line for all your city problems. I thought it was specifically a rat hotline.

Yes...I thought the city had an entire hotline dedicated to the rat problem. Fool.

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