Riddle me this:

Why do boys go to the trouble of asking you for your number and then never call?


Do you boys honestly think this is some kind of polite thing to do?

I say: Hello and Good Bye. Don't go to the god damn trouble of asking me for my phone number if you have no plans on calling.

Yes, yes...I am capable of having a conversation and that is all out of someone. I need no hope of further communication. I need not have your tease with the phone number request. I will not run after you - demanding to take my number.

Oddly - my expectation for people is rather low. If I were knived in the streets by a gang member and then beat in the head - I expect that I will eventually come to and be bothered with the task of finding my own way to a hospital while my credit card is used to purchase cigarettes, large amounts of gasoline and ten bags of Fritos. I do not expect the help of a passer by-er. No, no..I do not.

Such as - if I find myself speaking with a male suitor - I expect him to leave and not ask my name, my number nor any other information about my life. I am owed nothing...such as with the gang member.

In fact - I'd rather you steal my credit card and make the purchase of Fritos so at least then - I will know you are an ass.

Hence - please - do not ask for a phone number unless there is an intention of calling.

There is some kind of grand statistic: 19% of men actually call after getting the phone number. WHAT IS THE REASONING? Why bother? Why bother digging the phone out your pocket and putting the phone number in? Do you delete it after walking away? Did I ask you to take my number? Certainly not. So why bother?

Is this some kind of catch and release program?
Am I some kind of fish?

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Anonymous said...

Here here, sistah! I back you 100% on this.