Chicken in the City

Yesterday I was riding my bike on the lake front path.

I ate about 47 bugs. The bugs are in full force and my nose was of no use to me because some sort of allergy has taken control. This made my consumption of bugs larger than normal as I was forced to breathe out my mouth…I did not have to eat dinner that night. Which is nice. Nothing like saving a dollar.

The strange part of my journey was that I saw a chicken. Yes, a chicken on the path. Two people were standing by it. I could not figure out if it was perhaps their pet and had it out for a walk or if they were trying to get to the bottom of this chicken scandal. I thought maybe it was some kind of escaped pet, but then I remembered that I do not live in Arizona where one can have a god damn farm in their back yard. Well…maybe that is not true but it seemed like it.

Then on my way back it appeared as though the chicken moved to the other side of the path and was in a tree. There was a crowd of people staring at the chicken in the tree and a Park District official was riding up on a vehicle of some sort. Probably a chicken catcher automobile.

It was weird. I was hoping it would make the 9PM WGN news…”Chicken in Lincoln Park”…. but it did not.

It is clear to me that this city is stricken with animal racism…perhaps one would call this speciesism. When a coyote is having its way about the city it is all over the news. All day talk of the coyote, the next morning, the next evening. They have footage of city officials chasing it about. When a chicken is not the loose – not one mention.

A chicken can’t get a break in this town.

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