ASU Periodicals

Why do I even get the ASU College of Business magazine? I do not subscribe. It is all glossy print and fancy. Is this what my tuition dollar is paying for? I really could not care less who is where in their life. I do not know who you people are – nor do I care. I really could not care less who got married or had a child. Chances are that if I did – I would be in contact with these people. Who the heck are these losers that have no friends that actually send in the information to be published in this periodical? Hooray – you got a job with a company I have never heard of. Hooray – you got married, Hooray – you created life and it was on purpose. Hooray – you have no friends and are sharing it with everyone on the planet Earth that graduated from the god damn ASU college of business. You even went to the trouble of publishing a photo. You are officially a loser. I bet you graduated summa cum laude and feel the need to share your next accomplishment. Congrats. Dude – we went to ASU. I graduated with a decent grade point average and could be found 7 nights per week drunk under a table at The Thirsty Beaver with my top off. You are a genius…what? Did you actually study? I am not impressed.

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JELL said...

Remember when you went through that falling down phase? You kept coming to work with your face all f*cked up. funny.