God is fair

I am not a religious person. But let me tell you…God does not want me to be thin. If I were – I would rule the world. I am good looking, I am intelligent, and I am one of the funniest people I know. Actually - I am the funniest person I know. And – I know funny people. I know funny. God keeps me fat to even it all out. I read a quote once where Eric Clapton described himself as “an ego-maniac with and inferiority complex”. I am not sure anything could describe me better than that. I am absolutely the BIGGEST egomaniac with a HUGE inferiority complex.


MG said...

I llike this line of thought. Perhaps that is why I am a chunko also? I happen to entertain myself on a regular basis, so God made me fat. I think I would prefer to be robust if the alternative were to be thin and boring.

cametgirl said...

I think I might agree with this too. Skinny people are usually mean and boring and not nice...most likely due to hunger and lack of nutrients. Round people are funny and happy and everyone wants to be their friend. Who wants to be friends with a non-eating, boring, skinny girl?