Law Office Sluts

There is a girl that rides my bus that intrigues me.

She dresses like a fool.

I know she thinks she is trendy – but really she just looks silly.

There is a fine line between high-class hooker and trendy. FINE.

For one thing: she teases the hair up in the back so it is in some kind of faux beehive. So half her hair is down and the other is bubbled out on the back and it is fixed with bobbies. But it is ratted up and nasty back there. It is not a good look for the day time. I suggest she keeps that look for when she is ‘clubbin’.

Her hair is what originally got my attention. I was sitting behind her on the bus and I could not stop staring at what appeared to be matted doll hair.

Of course she has very very very blonde hair. Porn blonde. I am not one who can talk because I am currently sporting something between Playboy Bunny Blonde and Porn Blonde. But whatever…mine is not a knotted up Barbie hair.

Today she was wearing the following:

Black leggings that ended mid calf.
What appeared to be a large white collared shirt that went down to slightly below her knees
A giant belt perhaps? It was a piece of elastic maybe 10 inches thick around her waist and had metal clasps in the back.
Of course a large Coach purse.

I assume she works in an office and I am lead to believe she works the front desk at a Law Office. Why do I think this? Because there is a small law office on the same floor as my office and a slutty/trendy girl worked the front desk.

This is the only 9-5 employment available for poorly dressed sluts in any downtown area.

It is not like I just did not like law office girl because she dressed in a fashion that was out of taste. No…she was evil. When I saw her in the bathroom I would say hello. She would look at me and walk away. I had to pass her stupid little face every time I went to and from my office because they had clear glass doors. I would smile, she would sneer at me in return.

One day she was fired or quit.

She was replaced with another slut.

That one was replaced with another slut

I have an idea law office – stop hiring sluts.

I really need to get a secret spy-tech camera so I can photo bus girl. This would be so much better if I had a photo of her.

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