I went to the park today. When I got there it was only me and some other woman in this gated off area. I fell asleep in 2 seconds…this was not my intention.

Maybe 45 minutes later I woke up to find myself sweating and my arm was soaking went with my own drool. Apparently I could not be bothered to swallow while I napped.

I am also confident that I was snoring – as that is what I do.

When I sat up, I found that now there were about 15 people in the small gated area. They were probably happy to see the snorer go.

So essentially, I’m that really hot girl in the park you wish you were hanging out with.


cametgirl said...

It is never good to be the person who naps in the park. When I go running in the park, I AVOID nappers. Nappers are usually homeless and I fear they will trip me and take my watch or something. I realize you are blond and were probably dressed decently, but I would have avoided you as I would have thought you odd...alone and asleep in the park.

Mere said...

well...I wasn't on a part bench, under a cover of newspaper, snuggled up to an empty bottle of Colt 45. But mostly likely - I was as uninviting.

I think it is socially acceptable to sleep in the park. This is not the first time I have slept at the park. Perhaps I am fooling myself.

Don't people sleep at the beach? What is the difference?

cametgirl said...

For some reason there is a difference. But, it could be b/c I associate the park with homosexual activity...that's what I hear. You are a bum or you are gay...normal people do not sleep in the park. However, normal people will slepp on the beach. I cannot explain is fact (well, it is fact to me).

Mere said...

what? homosexual activity? This is a family park. A family park! No one is having sex of any kind here. I live in Lincoln Park for christ sake...the land of the Bugaboo. Perhaps you have the park confused with a Forest Preserve off Route 53?

Mere said...

I like that is a conversation. Keep it up. Why aren't all my postings commented on with return comments? WHY???

I love it.