So....I have not blogged in a long time.

I will try to make up for it:

I went to a Cubs game with my friends, Alyssa and Liz. Liz is a smarty pants and is going away to get her MBA at Indiana. Good for her and back to me.

So the storms were brewing that afternoon and morning in sweet home Chicago. In fact, I believe that morning it was dark as night. Or maybe that was the morning before. I have no clue. All I know is that after living in the state (AZ) where the bright, sunny, unforgiving sky screams sunshine 363 days of the god damn year....I still love me some overcast. But, my memory is not as good as it used to be (clearly sun damage). Anyway- the skies cleared and the game was on.

It should be noted - I do not go to Cubs games to watch the game. One of the reasons I like Wrigley is because it is like watching a baseball game in some one's backyard. There is no annoying screens and music. Just ivy and an organ. That is all you need...in order to have conversation and not be distracted by some silly game.

All of a sudden the players were running off the field. For a second I thought there was a fight. I witnessed a bench clearing fight last summer and I loved it. I love violence. It is entertaining. Maybe I should start following hockey.

But alas, it was the rain.

Then the guys came out with to cover the diamond. I have never seen this done before and I enjoyed it. The organ played a special diamond covering song. Maybe he should play a Neil Diamond song? Like, Love on the Rocks? After all, Suddenly you're out there, walking in a storm!!!!! Sing it with me.

The whole covering the diamond thing is fantastic. It is well choreographed and quick. Kind of like an earthbound white man version of Cirque Du Soleil...only different.

Eventually we were told to 'seek shelter on the concourse level". Hmmmm...I am not a fan of the term "seek shelter". It sounds like death is coming.

I kind of liked this. I figured it could be a great tragedy, I would die and my name would be forever immortalized on a bronze plaque outside the new or reconstructed Wrigley Field.

This did not happen. We left the Wrigley and hop, skipped, and jumped out way to a bar. Where we sat in front of a window while a tornado brewed outside.

I voiced concern. I feared the window would break in and I would forever be disfigured. I am beautiful damn it. I am slightly ethnic looking and beautiful and this beauty can not be reconstructed via plastic surgery. (God - I hope people are reading this with my faux arrogance/self deprecating sense of humor).

Liz thought I was being ridiculous. Not really...she is a nice lady. She thought it was a little silly and said we would move if it got worse...even though the bartender thought it odd we chose to sit there. I was being a baby! This is what it comes down to and I am glad when people talk me off the psycho ledge and back to normalville. The window was not going to blow in and disfigure me. I was not going to end up looking like that guy from that Cher movie. Plus - if it did....and I was disfigured....I could totally join a Disfigured From a Storm Society and totally meet a great guy. It is like being a midget (see earlier post on midgets). Out of everything bad...comes something good.

So...that is the story. I lived. I liked it. I was kind of evacuated...

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Crystal said...

MASK. Freaking love that movie. Except the part where Rocky dies. That's always a bummer. Oh, and the part where Rocky's blind girlfriend from summer camp's parents won't let her talk to him on the phone. Other than that, awesome movie.