The Diamond I was just going to put on Love on the Rocks as my music....due to my previous post...

Then I rekindled my love for Neil. I loose it every now and then, and for that I am foolish. FOOLISH...This man is a GENIUS!

I don't mean to get all Jack Black on you...but if you can not acknowledge that Neil Diamond is the finest American singer/songwriter of all have some kind of issue.

You do. You are a fool.

I have been least three Neil Diamond concerts. They ROCK! Neil has killer moves. He captivates an audience..I am not kidding. If you have been to see Neil - you KNOW what I am talking about.

Plus I have enjoyed Super Diamond...Twice.

And...who never in their life has screamed out "suck my cock" - even if you are girl during that certain part of Sweet Caroline while drunk at a bar? Who? YOU HAVEN'T LIVED, DAMN IT!

...or maybe you did not live at The Thirsty Beaver circa 1996 - 200?


natalie said...

Love the Diamond!! I have tickets for September up here! I bought them pre-sale when I first moved here and made these ladies (whom I didn't even know at the time) buy them, too! I am so looking forward to seeing my beloved Neil again!

Frost Cake Co. said...

Loved the years at the Thirsty Beaver when Neil would close down the place. Those were the good ole' days!