As of Late:

Random things:

1. I am a lover of Obama. I had the chance to watch the DNC and was at times moved to tears. Hope brings tears. It does. I eat it up. I am jealous that Lindsey went to Denver.

2. I have decided that we all need to love our country before we can expect it to change. We are all lucky mother lovers for living here, accept it. Realize it. It is like that old thing where people say "you need to love yourself before someone can love you". Well...we need to love our country before it can love us back.

3. I was on the L this evening...there is this little nook in cars. It is closed off if it is the driver's car. There was a man in there. I am certain no one knew the craziest man on earth was seated in there. But then...randomly...this horrifying laugh came from that area of the car. It was a LOUD "I am about to take over the world and I am pure evil laugh". Everyone looked and looked around "what the heck" was written across everyone's face with a splash of fear.

I am a doomsday kind of lady. You should probably want me around when terror strikes because I always masterminding a plan and I am not afraid to be the one that takes action.

I imagine he might come out wielding a knife or a gun. We would all be held hostage by the madman. I looked around the train and saw .... mmmm....maybe one guy that had any balls.

Men just aren't tough these days. They are pussies. I blame diminishing gender roles and the growing popularity of wine and fine cheeses. Really ladies, if you refuse to learn how to cook and bake - a man is certainly not going to know how to change a tire or fight off an intruder. We've made the bed. We shall sleep, unprotected in it. However...I am NOT to blame for this decay. Please, stand up and raise your hand if you are and walk away from me in shame.

So, I figure I can always plan and attack at an unsuspected in movies. Yup...that is where I get all my plans.

I am unnaturally strong when I have been drinking so I figure the same is true in emergency situations. Only time will tell, only time will tell.

I figure it takes one person to start a revolution so once I have pinned the psycho down, others will assist.

I will be victorious and be interviewed by local TV stations and my undoubted 15 minutes of fame will begin.

These are the things I think...

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Frost Cake Co. said...

You know I would give up the right to vote to stand barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen :)