The Dark Knight

I went to see The Dark Knight...

I am not about to bore anyone with my opinion. That is not what you come to me for. You come to me for comments like this:

Maggie's tits were successfully contained in a film for the first time in movie making history.

I still think she was not wearing a bra at any time. However they had her in suit jackets and vests. There was an excess of jiggle at one point when she was walking. When she was not dressed in some type of stiff double layer there was not enough movement or the material was the kind to not allow for excess nipple and flop.

Congrats to her! I was not distracted by her flip flopping ta-tas!

I like that Maggie. I just wish she would exercise her freedom to wear a bra in her movies.


Megamama said...

That is an improper latch.

Frost Cake Co. said...

That is just weird...the way the nipple is being tugged. Granted, I have never breastfed, but that looks WRONG!