Caution: Things in the Blog are Larger Than They Appear...

That thing being my arm. This is one of the most excellent photos ever taken of me. I am not sure if it is the angle, the lighting, the vibrations from passing trains...but I look good here, ladies and gentleman.

I will be utilizing this L platform for all my photo shoot needs from this point on.

This was me before running the Human Race 10K.

This is me after:

As you can see I have a way of maintaining my striking beauty even after running 6.2 miles. arms mysteriously beefed up.

Yon know what Nike sucks at? Besides making a shoe that's toe box is too narrow for my feet? They suck at races...which I find ironic.

I don't know about you but after I run 6 miles I would like a spot of water. I nearly died. I nearly went into a claustrophobic attack. Apparently handing me some kind of baton with a stupid promotional bracelet in it and getting my damn chip is more important than giving me LIFE SAVING WATER.

It was just dreadful. I was so thirsty and tired and all I wanted was some water. I was stuck in this crowd of sweaty people...we were filtered down a 75 yard cattle shoot before water appeared. It was just awful. Who has ever heard of such a thing? To not offer water first?

At one point I thought I was going to go into an attack. For those that are life long friends of may recall an episode in Southern California in the back of a jeep where I went nuts and was pounding on the window to be let out of the automobile because I went all claustrophobic. That is what was about to happen.

Anyway...I survived, as I survived this. I am survivor.

Another thing that really chapped my hide in the past few days...

Listen to this:

This morning I am on the train there were no seats and I was fiddling around with some papers and crap. This fine gentleman saw me struggling, stood up and gestured for me to take his seat. I nearly died because rarely does one see such kindness these days. However - this kindness was quickly balanced out by the inconsiderate behavior of an opportunistic dickslap.

I took one half step toward the seat said "thanks!" and some pony tailed looser hustled around two people and a bike to take the seat intended for me!!!!!!!

I hope that loser never gets laid again. And shan't with that kind of behavior.


Kristen said...

I love the word "shan't."

Muffin Cake said...

You ARE hot in that picture! Perhaps you should meet all future dates right there, dressed in that outfit, doing that pose?

Frost Cake Co. said...

Get the Nike Air Max Moto. I have it and it has a rather large toe box. You will like it. I do not use it for the music and ridiculous online tracking business, rather just because it is lightweight and comfy.

Also, I am jealous. I NEVER look good after exercise. I enjoy those that do. You look great! My old neighbor use to ride her bike and she owuld leave with her hair swinging in her ponytail and come back as such. It pissed me off....cuz I rode home with my helmet (safety first) and sweatiness. You are truly blesse Mere.

Amy Beth Kloner said...

Great job in the 10k Mere!! Nice work. And yeah, why do you look so cute?
You should've bitchslapped that dude who took your seat. Who does that?!!!