Where are my pants?

I can't find a pair of pants and it is annoying me.

I thought they would eventually turn up but they never did.

I just did some laundry and it made me think of my missing pants.

How the heck do you loose a pair of pants?

It is not like I am running around taking my pants off at random locations.

There was this incident in the mid-90's after a night of drinking I wound up at or near the Phoenix Zoo and I couldn't figure out whose pants I had on. Those were simpler times. I yearn for times like those. That was an odd chain of events. I believe they turned out to be Frank Lamana's pajama pants.

So for the past 2 months every time I ponder where my pants are, I end up thinking about Frank Lamana. I think I will e-mail FL and let him know he is in my blog.

Anyway - if anyone knows where my pants are let me know. They are black. Black pants.

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Crystal said...

I wonder if your black pants are out somewhere with my missing black shirt?