I became paranoid that I should not post certain things on my blog. Hence - I deleted the "confessions" entry.

As I get older I become:

a. more compassionate for others

b. more paranoid about troubles with the law and other authorities

It is not like I lived a highly illegal life or anything - sure I have had a minor in consumption and a criminal speeding ticket among other things. But really - a minor isn't that big of a deal. And you know...when you are driving through a place called Gila Bend at 11PM - is it really that big of a deal to go 95 in 30? Technically since I thought the limit was 75 - I consider it 20 over.

Sometimes I consider myself a glutton for punishment - it seemed like I always got caught doing things everyone did. But then I am not sure. Maybe I was just more naughty than others and I got caught doing things because I did them at a higher frequency.

Who knows...

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Muffin Cake said...

I also consider myself to be on the straight and narrow, and yet: peeing in public. Caught by a bike cop.