Put your cart away

One of the things in this world that annoys me is people that can't be bothered to return their shopping cart back to the shopping cart corral or back to the store. What is this about? I think these people really need to think about their life. What it is about, where they are, what there issue is. What in the name of Christ is so hard about walking 50 feet? I mean really. Are you that lazy? Come on.

Worse than not taking cart back: the person that is struggling and expending all this energy and time to hoist the cart up onto a curb as to secure the cart in that area....instead of taking it to a designated area.

It is such a god damn weird thing to do. It is like 'I am courteous and do not want my cart to go on the run and damage cars, yet I don't want to conform to the norms of society...so instead of just taking it back to the store which would be easier and quicker, I am going to mess around with this cart for 5 minutes and secure in on the curb.'

You know you have seen it. You may have done it. Stop it. We must stop this.


Frost Cake Co. said...

You know, just last week I took the cart to the gentelmen collecting carts and his mouth hit the floor. He told me it was very kind but not necessary. I gave myself a pat on the back. People need to appreciate that they have legs and that they can walk!!!! Put the darn cart back!

Frost Cake Co. said...
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