By the power of grayskull

First of all: Funny funny funny that two of you think I look like the lady from American Gothic. Do you not know anything of people with the self deprecating sense of humor? We are actually fragile people with low self esteem and self worth. We are trying to beat you to the punch. So then what do you do? You beat me. You bring me down by saying - yes - you actually do look like that old hag from American Gothic. I kid. I know you are kidding. I like it. I am glad we can share in the amusement.

The real problem is the three that think I look like this Melinda character. DUDE - she looks like Skeletor. Well...I guess it is a good thing I weigh six times her weight and I can be assured that at least 20 lbs of that is in my fat face and I don't actually look like He-Man's arch enemy.

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