Product Endorsements

I endorse these products:

1. Nivea Creme

I forget about this crap all the time. Today I was at work and my chapped nose was begging for treatment. Ahhh...the Nivea in my desk drawer. This is a fabulous all propose product that was created by the Germans and now manufactured by the Mexicans. You can use it on your lips, your face, or where ever you see fit. I am not ashamed to say I am a sucker for packaging. It comes in a delightful tin. I love any product in a tin. Who wants something in a plastic tube if you can have it in a fine tin? Plus look at those cute kids. They laugh in the face of frostbite...they know Nivea is waiting at home. This good safe wintertime fun is brought to you by Nivea.

2. The Velcro Roller (hair not included)

Simple and easy. Dry your hair with some volumizing spray, pop a couple in while you do your make-up. You have smooth hair with some volume. Until you put a hat on. Whatever - you looked good for the 5 minutes before you left for work.

3. The Forearm Warmer

Don't get me started on the evil world of clothing manufacturing. I am not obscenely tall. Must I buy the long length for pants? But it doesn't stop at pants. Winter coats are never long enough in the arm unless you have a man's coat. Who are coats made for? Midgets? People with flipper arms? Who? Must there be a gap between my glove and the end of my sleeve? Am I an ape with my knuckles dragging on the ground? No. I do not have long arms to my knowledge. So I am forced to remedy this problem with my forearm warmer....which I refer to as my Avril Lavignes. I am punk, yo!

4. The 180. The ear cuff. Etc.

I don't have one to actually photograph as I have already lost mine this year. This is what I do. I loose about $100 worth of winter gear each winter. This is the greatest invention of the modern winterworld. It will not ruin your hair. It is a discreet earmuff of sorts. It can be used in conjunction with a fashionable winter hat that does not cover the ears. Personally I have no clue how people run around without warmth on their heads. I do not sacrifice my comfort of fashion. Call me lame. I'll call you an overgrown child. I am Goldilocks. I do not like to be too cold or too hot. I will not suffer. If I could have figured out how to remove the skin from my body I would still be living in Phoenix.

5. Tea Pots shaped like Elephants I didn't have a number five and he was just laying around. Whatever....he is adorable...don't fight it.


Crystal said...

Meredyth, I like you. I like your list. But I have to say, I don't agree with what you said about tins. I don't like digging moisturizer or lip balm out of a tin. Why get your fingers sticky if you don't have to? Tubes are the way to go.

Frost Cake Co. said...

I love the elephant tea pot! When I have a kid one day, I want to decorate the kids rooms in elephants.

Lindsey J said...

I love your list. I love the safety purse most of all.

kkbeshay said...

Forearm warmers? I have never heard of such a thing but I love it! I too suffer from exposed wrists & forearms in the winter. I hate it! Never can get a coat that fits right. I always solved this by wearing long gloves. But, since mine are now lost (I lose my winter gear all the time too), I shall try forearm warmers. I am in need.

Mere said...

This is not sticky in any manner. It is a lotion.

No stickiness. This product is not just some kind of lip balm..nonoonononononon.

it is far beyond that!!

kkbeshay said...

I agree that lotion should never come in a tin. Mints? Yes. Chocolates? Perhaps. Lotions/balmbs? Never. It is utterly disguisting to dig your grimey fingers into a tub of globby-goo, only to smother it on your nose (or wherever else). This is what I call contamination. Even though I avoid plastic containers at all costs, I stil believe the tube is the way to go in this case.

Mere said...

You know...people that worry about contamination and such are the most likely to be ill to the point of incapability to function.

The tin might harvest some bacteria - true. But everyone needs a healthy dose of germs every once and a while to keep healthy. Keep that immune system in fighting order.

All the more reason to reach for a tin.


amelita said...

know this, meredyth...i, too, have the tin of nivea in my purse this very minute! mine does not tout the happy, frostbitten children. but it's there.

"...and that may beeeee all i need to knooooowwwwww."