The 'Ol Snow Day...

I feel a need to comment on this ridiculous ritual.

The snow day.

I remember being a kid and praying for a snow day.

They were the greatest. However...very unlikely to happen in Chicago. We are tough as nails.

It is not as often as people think. I remember watching the news, praying my district is mentioned. Asking mom what district we were in. It wasn't a big deal in my home because my mother stayed at home until I was in about 3rd or 4th grade. But what about everyone else? It seems like a hardship to me.

Plus....back in the 80's....

I think you needed 12 feet of snow to get a snow day. I recall having a "it is negative 60 out, school is canceled day" in high school.

I remember being dressed for school. In turquoise stretch pants and an ugly long sweatshirt with geometric snowflake-like design on it in like 4th or 5th grade and peeking out the garage and my parents feverishly shoveling the drive way so they could get to work and yelling to me it was a snow day. Those poor people. Paying taxes and laboring on a driveway while the kids and the teachers of the world are sitting with their feet up. What is going on??? What is this???

Those are the only times I recall having a snow day. I also remember the heat being broken at 'ol GW High School and everyone going from class to class in winter coats and finally school was canceled at like 1:30PM. After of course....suffering all day in the pioneers.

I am sure today if the road is lightly dusted with snow somehow these ungrateful little bastards get the day off. Lord knows, these non-tax paying free-loading kids have more rights than minorities in rural Arkansas.

This is what I don't get: If you are a working family. What are you supposed to do with your kids? You already use up all your sick days to care for their snotting noses. A normal working adult has crap for vacation time. It is not like any working adult has such thing as a snow day. It could be negative 95 and 5 feet of snow - you get your dog sled together if the car doesn't start. Just get to work.

So....if an adult must go to work - WHY THE HELL aren't kids going to school? If you can get your ass to work, you can get your kids to school.

What is this ridiculous tradition all about?

Not everyone has the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Why is this privileged situation catered to?....and certainly if you are a stay at home mom - you want those kids in school and out of your hair!!!

Are children writing the policies to make snowmen?

This is my high school district pay. Pretty sweet for a job with 3 months off and the occasional 'snow day'. 88% of these people have a salary higher than mine. I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'.


Crystal said...

I don't know how things work in Chicago (well yes I do because I just read your blog) but in the town I grew up in, the grown-ups had snow days too. If the schools were closed, so was the lab where 98% of the adults in town worked.

Melyssa said...

Actually most of the time it is the bus company that can't get the kids picked up so that is why there is no school. If the parking lots can be cleared and the busses can run there is school. I know my district- and we are in MN- only call school when the busses can't run- for the exact reason you said- it is hard on families and so many can't stay home with their kids so it is a hardship. Even with -30 windchills- busses run so we have school! I have had 2 snowdays in my 10 years of teaching... But that is my district..the largest one in all of Minnesota...

Mere said...

I realize it is the bus company. I do. But dude...if I was working I would take the late start and bring my kid to school so I could go to work. The late start seems to be a new trend here. As it should. I congratulate you and your district for having sense. I am happy that you agree this is a hardship on families. I think it is hard for people to understand that when they feel entitled to a snow day. I mean really...a normal working adult has 3 weeks off. This is not fair to everyone else that is required to go to work with limited vacation and sick time.

Kathy said...

Being a teacher, snow days do bother me as well. All snow days mean to me is another day I have to work in June. I love my summer vacation and I hate another day added on to the end of the year.Your sister is right, it is all about the bus company. Anyway, I will probably have it easy, cuz if my kids have a snow day chances are my school will be cancelled to and I will have a fun day of sledding and playing in the snow.