I love fall, part 1

Fall is upon us!!!

I love it. I love fall. I will never ever live somewhere where fall does not come. The cool, crisp air, THE LEAVES. And....the food that is in season!

#1. Honeycrisp!

I LOVE HONEYCRISP APPLES. There is NO BETTER APPLE on this planet. They are amazing! They seem to only be available during a very short period of time and that time is ON!!!!

I would like to thank the good people at the University of Minnesota for crossbreeding and creating this tasty gem. This is the best invention ever. The wheel is nothing compared to the Honeycrisp. You can't eat a wheel.

#2. Squash!

Why is the squash so delicious? It is easy to make and you can make it savory or sweet. It is a versatile wonder!

#3. Soups and Stews!

It is time to tell salads to hit the road and roll out the soups, stews! Right now I have a Moroccan stew cooking!!! I suppose it is a little warm for that at the moment...

I love to eat. It is my favorite activity.


Melyssa said...

We went apple picking on Sunday and we picked honeycrisp from the trees! it was fun. I love this apple too. it is by far my favorite. I have a whole basket on my kitchen island right now! yummm!!!!

Frost Cake Co. said...

I have never tried such an apple...I am missing out...I just know it. I will make it a point to find one, buy it, and eat it....will keep you posted.

Muffin Cake said...

I love Gala apples. I am sure I would love Honecrisps as well...based on the description...but we Zonis are deprived.

Mere said...


You don't have access to the Honeycrisp? Have you looked? Searched? Are you sure? It is like saying you don't have access to running water.

Look again....They are soooooo good.

Crystal said...

Bought some honeycrisps last night. Thought of you. Haven't eaten one yet but they SMELL like heaven!