Big Bunny

This big bunny amuses me! I couldn't be bothered to read the article...something about starving people in Korea and this German Rabbit being able to feed 8 people.


Frost Cake Co. said... that for real?

natalie said...

Oh - I googled it - it is real.. I think I might freak out if I crossed paths with one of those alone in the forest!

Crystal said...

Mere- I keep thinking about this bunny. I don't *want* to think about it, but I can't help it. My opinion is, if that WAS real, Mr BunnyFarmer would not be able to lift it. Right? Too heavy? My other question is, would a bunny this size be friendly? Or would he want to bite your face off? I vote "bite your face off."

Lindsey J said...

hahahaaha! ok, i clicked on your blog just as lauren was saying something - she goes "i was ask....WHOA!" Then while I tried to make this comment - she was like "PLEASE let me see that huge rabbit again!"