This is not funny...

...I just feel the need to set something straight.

I am no English major. Have you seen this blog? I mean really, I could use an editor. But there is a certain American colloquialism that drives me up the wall. I twitch when I hear it.

It should also be noted - I am no expert. I am from Chicago where I am certain that we NEVER learned that ending a sentence in a preposition is improper. I was actually informed of this when I met a young lady, Amy Kloner, in college and when I said "Why don't you come with?", she said said "You are from Chicago"

When I asked how she knew she explained that everyone from Chicago has no issue ending their sentences with a preposition. I was outed by my preposition use...not my obnoxious accent that I came to control...but the use of a preposition.

I still have no clue what the hell a preposition is. Except that another friend, Aime, can sing all the prepositions (whatever that means) to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The phrase in question is this:

I could care less

Really? Really? You COULD care less? Soooooo....that means that you do care on some level - if you in fact COULD CARE LESS. I believe the term you are looking for is "I couldn't care less"

Because if you in fact, COULDN'T CARE LESS - then that means that you care to the point you could NOT care anymore. Which I believe is the emphasis you are going for.

Every time someone says "I could care less", I SCREAM inside "COULDN'T....YOU COULD NOT CARE LESS, say it right for F's sake. DO YOU HEAR YOUR NONSENSE?? DO YOU? COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!! COULDN'T, damn it!!!!"

It was my friend, Lindsey, that pointed this out to me. I hate her for it. My life has been full of twitches ever since and an extreme desire to correct people. BUT - it is annoying and rude to correct people's speech when you know what they mean. So I refrain.

This is a large burden. It is very, very large - blood boiling burden. have been educated - go out and conquer the world with this bit of knowledge.

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Lindsey J said...

This is so weird! My friend, Amy, and I were talking about this just last night and I wasn't the one who brought it up. So weird. You know the other thing that bugs the living crap out of me? When people say "good" instead of "well". For instance - there is a Nurtisystem ad where Zora (of Joe Millionaire by the way) says she's loved Nurtisystem because it "worked so good!"