I witnessed a crazy interaction this week.

I was standing on the corner waiting for a bus. Which reminds me of a Violent Femmes song. Anyway - a car in the middle lane clears the intersection and then stops.


The 30-something year old gets out and is apparently yelling at some pedestrians. Four unrelated pedestrians turn around and walk back towards him to meet and greet whatever his fightin' words were.

Two of them are screaming and extremely irate. "THAT WAS A RED LIGHT" Things such as this are being said. One of the four was more calm and was yelling "YOU are going to KILL someone if you keep driving like that"...."NO..all I am saying is that YOU are going to KILL someone one day"

I could not hear what the vehicle driver was saying- just the "F YOU" at the end when he got back in his Denali and sped off and I did not see whatever had happened. But I'd like to point out some things:

a. The driver was on his phone. He had a flip phone and it was open while we was throwing up his arms screaming and when he got back in the car he promptly continued his conversation.

b. FOUR irate pedestrians can not be wrong. Clearly the man ran a red light and nearly killed them. I do not need to see the actual circumstance in order to know this. If a crazy man gets out of his car and beckons you back to the scene of the incident - you are not going to come back unless you know you are in the right and you were nearly killed.

c. I can only assume the driver was drunk, high on cocaine or a complete prick. Who the hell in their right mind gets out of their car in the middle of downtown Chicago to fight pedestrians? Maniacs that need to be evaluated or those under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics...that is who.

I was hoping the whole thing would evolve into a giant brawl because I wanted to see the driver get beat and I find street justice violence to be both rewarding and entertaining.

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