Not enough

I have heard recently that I do not blog enough.

Sorry - I don't have much to say.

As much as I would like to ramble about myself I try to keep it funny.

I gained 3 lbs yesterday because I ate out for brunch and dinner.

I am glad people can do this every day and not weigh 250 pounds. I can not.

So yesterday, although I enjoyed my brunch, I had a complaint.


When I am served a slice of toast I expect 2 things: butter and a selection of jellies, jams, or some other fruit flavored spreads.

I got this: a packet of grape jelly.

Grape Jelly? Are you serious? How dare you. I have been insulted. Grape Jelly is the white trash of jellies. Gross. I am not 5. Even at a young age my tastes were more discerning. I have never in my life thought a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich was acceptable. I need a high class preserve with seeds and chucks of fruit. Not some purple colored goo.

If you are going to give one the only option of grape jelly then perhaps you should slap a pad of butter on their plate.

Am I in jail? Where but in jail would one be served dry toast?

I am not a convict. Give me some butter.


The Kahles said...

I'm not at all discerning about my jellies and jams. But Darrick HATES grape jelly.

JELL said...

And so he should - Grape jelly is the cheapest shit ever made.

I like Marmite on my toast.