The Becks Fantasy

I was talking to my friend Katie today after work. Katie lives in Arizona but we have a strong phone friendship. I talk to her nearly daily. In fact, we did not talk for about 5 or so days and she assumed we had broken up....which we had not. I was just busy doing....nothing.

We started to talk about something - something about if a celebrity endorses a candidate does it make you want to vote for them. I said, absolutely not. Then she questioned what if David Beckham ... and proceeded to stir up a fantasy.

I recognize he is attractive but I can not participate in any sort of fantasy involving him because all that does is remind me that I am Captain McChubbyPants. He is far too wee to fantasize about, it does nothing for me.

Then she corrected me to say that in the fantasy I too would be hot so there is no reason to feel fat, it is after all: a fantasy.

I came to the conclusion that I would be far too fixated on my own hot self in this fantasy to even think about David Beckham. So once again this type of fantasy is worthless.

That is just me.

I am vain in really life. It is a well known fact that I can NOT be seated opposite a mirror or any type of reflective surface. I just stare at myself in wonder, amusement and sheer delight.

You turn a plump vain girl like myself into a hot piece of ass in a fantasy and really...the fantasy just becomes about her. "Who was I suppose to be thinking about? Not me? Poppycock! Look at me for Christ sake!"

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JELL said...

Mmmm....David Beckham.