..for Britney Spears.

I am and I admit it. I understand that she is either deeply disturbed or putting on an elaborate show...but I am glued to her life.

She is F.A.S.C.I.N.A.T.I.N.G. And not in a good way.

I get most of my information from Perez Hilton as I find him a reliable source and that is where I got the photos. Today it was an updated progression of her day. At the courthouse, at a church, speeding down the roads, at Ralph's, getting lunch. I love it. I have every lady in my office loving it. I have turned them into addicts with me.

The photos above are not flattering. But rarely is she dressed in anything near normal. Yesterday she was running around in jean cut - offs.

Jean cut-offs. Jean shorts alone are vile. But the added effect of cut - off? It is disturbing.

If anyone knowingly has a pair of jean shorts in their wardrobe I demand you get them out and burn them.

I have seen this a lot with our friend, Britney: For cryin' out loud: Someone buy the girl a bag. Why is she always running around with million things in her hands? Phones, dogs, cigarettes, lighters, important documents. GET A BAG, WOMAN. Be it a $3,000 designer hand bag or a plastic Target bag. Anything. JUST GET A BAG. The woman spends half her life at drug stores. Pick up a plastic bag while you are there.

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Crystal said...

I'm curious... how did you feel to see her car shopping last Saturday in her wedding dress? Because personally, I think that was my favorite Britney moment of 2008. (You know, 2008 *so far*.)