Two Annoying Things:

1. The Aisle Sitter.

The bus is full. People are standing. Some selfish bastard is sitting in the aisle seat of a two seat bench, leaving the window seat empty.

I hate these people. Move the F over. Jesus Christ. Are you that rude? Then someone asks to sit there and they act as though they were asked to cut off their arm.

It is not like if you sat by the window and your stop came up, you would be unable to leave the bus. You are not locked into that space until your seat partner's stop comes up.

I think these people should be kicked or punched in the face instead of asked to release the seat they are saving for their invisible friend.

2. The Obvious Stater at a Meeting

Some people just enjoy the sound of their own voice. They really think the entire group in a meeting wants to know their opinion on every decision that is made.

Dude - get over yourself.

Yes, we agree that Plan A is better than Plan B. But that is not good enough for you. You must now give a 10 minute speech on why Plan A is the best option. You do not stop at repeating all points previously made, but you then add another recap of your own personal opinions on the matter that are the same you said in the first half of your speech only in different words.

You are not a profound genius. You are a royal pain in the time wasting ass.

In addition we had a little craft project of sorts going on while the original discussion was going on. We were folding little boxes - while you were giving your speech I was unfolding and refolding the little boxes you made because you were incapable of folding them correctly. Perhaps you should concentrate on that instead of thinking up how you are going to repeat everything that was said and state the obvious.

HAHAHA - Anyone?!?! Anyone that I worked with me in AZ - Remember how I would make all new employees erect a file folder box in front of everyone. I was so mean. That was my test to see how well directions could be followed. I was such a JERK. Everyone would get all flustered and I would holler from my thrown "just follow the directions!!!"

What a jerk. My interviews were cake. Then - on your first day I had everyone stare at you while you made a box. Who does that?

OHHH - I am cracking myself up at what a funny boss I was. The multiple choice quiz on why everyone overstuffed the file boxes? The one answer was "I like tight box"..hahahahaha!!!

How I would be all hung over and make my employees drive to Circle K to get me Sunkist soda. Didn't that Lindsay girl get in a car accident that one time I sent her out?

How I told Buffy I'd rather shovel shit then do my job and she gave me a raise and moved me to another department.

Good Times. Good Times.

Whatever...I worked like 12 hour days and was paid a slave wage.

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asswipe said...

I am laughing my ass off. I never was sent on a Sunkist run.

God, I miss working with you.