The Barbie Card Catastrophe

It is with the GREATEST disappointment that I inform my loved ones:

I WILL NOT be sending a Barbie Holiday card this year.

This year....Babs looks like a slut.

I like my Babs classy and sophisticated, not whored out like something you might find in the December issue of an adult magazine.

Needless to say, I remain horrified by the entire situation. I think I will write a letter about the card. In fact...I will.

Prepare yourselves for a new and exciting card this year.

...something not involving a plastic doll that appears to have just got done giving a $10 Holiday special hand job.


The Kahles said...

I can take a photo of my Barbie ankles swathed in silver tinsel for you to use on your cards, if you like.

I amuse me.

JELL said...

WHAT! No barbie card.....wha..what are you sending?? I mean, you're still sending something, right? Maybe you could make cards out of you and Martha?

Jacob & Crystal said...

Remember that time I wrote you a Barbie essay?

Lisa said...

I always knew Babs was a ho.