Knocked Down

I viewed the movie, Knocked Up, this weekend:

I have some things to say:

1. What was all this buzz of a gross birth scene? I was picturing something like that movie Miracle of Life or perhaps the home video I watched of my friend birthing her child. Something involving more blood and fluid. I was not repulsed by it. This is coming from someone whose stomach turns when you say the word: Hospital

2. was not that funny. There were reports that this was the funniest movie ever. There were some humorous parts but it was not THAT funny. I would not run around saying it was anything near side splitting.

3. The movie is a complete farce. No self-respecting woman gets knocked up by a guy with no job or hope for a job and decides to keep the baby. The only reason to ever keep a baby in that situation is if that man has been listed in Forbes. "I live at my sister’s house, you have no job, I don’t know you, you smoke 3 lbs of pot daily, time to start a family." What?

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The Kahles said...

I'm pleased to see we agree on this. And let me elaborate:

1. I defy you to find the woman who is waxed bald as the day she was born....on the day her BABY is born. The bald puss crowning shot? Yeah. Sure.

2. I kept waiting for the extreme funny to happen. And waiting. And waiting.

3. They went from nothing to holding hands in 6.7 seconds. No way.