More on Bus Girl

Apparently that girl who fascinates me with her style of dress lives in my hood.

I saw her out for a run one day. As I saw her approaching I decided that I am an evil person and should consider being nice. I am jerk who is judging her.

I smile.

I get nothing in response.

OK - fine. She is out for a run and can't be bothered.

Perhaps if I was out running she would reciprocate my smile or friendly nod.

This is, after all, the code of the friendly runner. One always smiles or gives a friendly nod to fellow fitness enthusiasts. (I am not a fitness enthusiast - but I pretend to be). I actually HATE people that do not smile or say hello in response to my friendliness when I am running. I would say that only 5% of fellow runners do not return my greeting. I assume these people are fitness snobs and think that I am too fat to be running. They think: Keep running piggy, keep running.

Well - later that week, I saw her at my actual bus stop. Again - I gave her another chance and smiled. This is what I do. I make the world a friendlier place. Normally - people smile in return. Chicago is a surprisingly friendly town. I GET NOTHING. I get a stare accompanied by long blinks, like I opened my mouth and said some kind of nonsense like "I like to eat strawberries in my underwear" to her.

That is it. I hate her. No more chances.

I saw her a few days later on the bus. I was surprised because she looked respectable in a colored shirt and sweater.....until she got up and I noted she was wearing the mullet of attire. She again had her fucking leggins on. Much like the mullet is business in the front, party in the back....this girl is business on the top and clubbin' on the bottom.

Stop dressing like a fool. Stop giving me material you little doe eyed blonde freak.

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