Flying with babies

My friend is flying with her baby this weekend and she worries for her fellow passengers.

I HATE people that give people with babies a hard time on an airplane.

What the hell do you want them to do? It is not like you can take a step outside.

Get over it. A crying baby? There are worse things in the world.

Perhaps if you feel you are above the normal population - which does include babies - you should be seated in first class.

If you can't afford to be seated in first class...then you should stop complaining because much to your dismay - you are common, like the rest of us.

Unless of course you have a sweet ass deal with airlines because of your father - then you do deserve to sit in first class. And let me tell you - if you have never been first on international - you are MISSING OUT. It is one sweet ass deal up there. I love it and I can not look back.

Please, God - don't ever let me sit among the commoners when I travel over oceans...please. I can't ever do it. Quite frankly, I find it inhumane.


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