NATO melee

I don't care if people protest. I just think it is an odd thing to do when you could spend your time in a more productive manner. In particular, I do not enjoy protestors that can't just follow the rules, listen to police, and be peaceful about it. If you get all rowdy and you are shoving policeman in riot gear, throwing bricks at them, and hitting them with some stick you bought at a craft store - why is it is a surprise you have been bloodied by a billy club? If you do not like government or the police then PLEASE - off the grid somewhere. Refrain from living in a major metropolitan area where normal citizen appreciate order. off the land deep in some forest in Montana, dig a well for water, buy some solar panels for electricity and some guns, and eat squirrel. Is someone stopping you? My favorite pics from NATO:
Yes. I have no idea why the streets were so heavily lined with police. You people are like wild animals or drunk toddlers. You can't stay where you are permitted so you must move blockades. What are you proving besides the fact that you are not fully evolved? I am sure the police of Chicago were SUPER thrilled to go through training to deal with your breed and most likely worked overtime, taking away from their free time because YOU have the free time to run wild and be destructive.
You tried to storm the Art Institute. Yes they were having some dinner in there. What would you have done if you got in there? Probably destroy priceless pieces of art because you are a classless barbarian. Yes - YOU SHOW those French Impressionists what you think of ... NATO! ( is this related?) broke a stick over a policeman's head. You are brilliant. Please - be outraged that you got the beat down for that.
When I want to understand where people are coming from and learn something...I ALWAYS have the most respect for those dressed like freaks.
Oh my god....I had NO IDEA that Rahm invented NATO. The chaos? Yes he is responsible because you have no control of your actions or your body. You are just a puppet. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You should get kicked in the face for being stupid.
Once again....I am sure nothing brought the police more joy than being in Kevlar and full riot gear....when it is 90 degrees out. Let us also be aware the evil police provided a/c buses and water to the protestors.
You dumb bitch...WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? There is just more police and police on horses on the other side of all the police. What is your purpose? Are you high? Do you think this is an elaborate game of Red Rover? Let's say you break through....then what? What have you proved? OH then you are arrested and all mad. Great....YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED. You were told over and over and over to GO HOME and you didn't. There is nothing over there for you. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?
OK fine - you are handing in your military honors and apparently you believe you were 'duped' into participating in the war. HOLD UP UNEDUCATED DUMMIES...ummmmmmmm....was there a draft? NO. YOU WILLING signed up for the military. No one made you. These wars have been going on for a LONG time. You were aware of them. So when you signed knew you would probably go over there. Stop being silly. You can't run around playing the conscientious objector card. This is not the 60's or 70's, this is not Vietnam. Speaking of that....
YOU MAKE ME SICK. STOP trying to recreate some iconic image from the 60's. THIS IS NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Your originality is piss poor. You are so lame. You are not, nor will you ever be part of some kind of TIME picture of the century. You are an idiot. Good job picking a weed and trying to be symbolic and failing.
In closing, luckily this is America and if one thing can bring police and protestors is fast food.

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