NATO melee II

I can't stop, these images are fantastic...

I really hope these guys were not protesting anything to do with capitalism.  HE IS WEARING an Abercrombie & Fitch shit.  For fuck sake dude....get it together.

WHAT are you doing?  Chicago is full of beautiful parks.  Why would you get all zen in the middle of a street?  You are stupid.  AND what..what?  The police are telling you to move and you won't?  It is typically never a good idea to sit in some meditation position in the middle of a street.  You would be told to move along regardless of NATO or crowd control measures.  The point you are trying to make is asinine.  I hope that club met your head after this was taken.

Sir - you are donning denim overalls and a Pokemon backpack....this may be why you were detained.
This is the Chicago PD rain gear?  Seems....odd.
For real....why are these people wielding thin plywood sticks?  A paint stirrer would be more effective.  Really?  You couldn't stop at Home Depot or The Crafty Beaver to pick up a real piece of wood?  You are so lazy you just went to the Blick Art Store on State Street.  If you are really going to assault a police officer and deal with the charges....make it count!

This was the scene in my neighborhood as protestors walked to the Mayor's home.  Hey - guys - he is probably not home....just sayin'....

Horses are large.  Don't mess with horses.  What are these people doing?  Not sane.
These folks are probably protesting the battle of Fort Dearborn.  IT IS OVER.  It was 200 years ago.  LET IT GO.  Some Indians died.  Get over it.

Seriously...why are you dressed like that?
The Amish are being arrested?  Perhaps this has gone too far....

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