Masters of Inefficiency

Nothing is more annoying to me than witnessing inefficiency.

In particular when it is interfering with my precious God-damn time. My time is actually not that precious. I JUST CAN'T STAND watching someone act like a fool. It just annoys me. I can't figure out what goes through their heads. It is like watching an adult eat a crayon or drink bleach. Why? Why would you do that? I don't get it.

For instance: when I buy alcohol and the person asks for my ID. IF ANYONE knows me they know I CAN NEVER find my freakin' ID. So I start fumbling through my wallet. I have an idea - while I am doing that, kindly bag up the beer. We both know you are only asking for it for legal reasons. LOOK AT ME! Yes - I have been blessed with amazing skin HOWEVER - we all know I am NOT under 21. Bag the beer while I look for the ID. Note the wrinkles in the billboard of a forehead I have.

I decided to video the most extreme case of inefficiency I have ever seen in my life.

The things that annoy me:

1. She is in the self check-out. She does not belong there. She is slow and has a lot of items.

2. LOOK AT IT! WATCH! She is moving items from her stupid personal cart to the counter/shelf. Then from the little counter/shelf she scans the item and places it in the bagging area..but not in a bag. I guess step three was placing them in a bag....

What in the holy hell? Why not remove the item from your cart, scan it, place in bag in one movement.

3. Something falls off the side and she takes the time to retrieve it....VERY carefully. The careful nature in the pick-up is disturbing. She handles it as though it has a spinal cord injury. REALLY? REALLY? Why not just leave it there till you bag? All you are doing is putting it in your bizarre bagging area. Why not just leave it there until you put it in an actual bag.

4. Please note the way she lifts the single roll of paper towels from the cart. She used two hands, it was a slow movement and involved a slight bend at the knee. IT IS A ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS! It is NOT an anvil.

5. I am an asshole...ok. I admit it. This annoyed me. FINE FINE...maybe she has some issue. Perhaps an old injury. If that is the case...why be in the self check-out?

6. SHE was not running around saving the earth...she bagged that shit later. So don't be thinking she had the items on deck to place in her stupid cart.

Video is below.

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Steven Schwartz said...

Woulda been sweet if this chick turned around and saw you video taping her - thought you were a sicko lesbian checking out her ass - and then y'all got in a fist fight - that would have been super cool.