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The Murder of Trayvon Martin

This is disturbing. No one is allowed the authority to act as police on the streets. Everyone should be outraged by this.

There is only one thing anyone needs to know about this and that is the 911 call that child murderer, George Zimmerman made. He was told to stop pursuing him. He did not. Apparently there was a scuffle and George Zimmerman, murdered this boy.

I typically use my blog for humor. But - this is outrageous.

George Zimmerman murdered a minor and was not put in jail immediately?

I think he is in jail now. Maybe not. I don't really have a clear understanding.

Dude best be in jail. He is clearly a threat as his judgement is in crazytown.

Then I saw that Geraldo Rivera was blaming the fact that Trayvon was wearing a hoodie was the reason for the murder.

Couple things:
1. This is the same reasoning that says when a girl is drunk, she may be legally raped.
2. Well...let's outlaw hoodies. WHAT? NO. That will send Old Navy into bankruptcy and hence the second financial crisis of the world.

I have a crazy idea: how about...MANIACS CAN'T HAVE GUNS!!!!

Seems easier to control gun sales than hoodie sales.

I don't get why people need guns, but hey - if that makes you feel better - that is your right and that is cool.

BUT - you lost that right when you are fucking maniac. Do you hate gays? Do you hate doctors that preform abortions? Do you hate people outside your race? Do you think a black minor with a bag of Skittles is a threat to you that you must murder? If you answered yes to any of those things...your 'rights' to a gun are done.

Hoodies, on the other hand, buy as many as you want.

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