PSA posters....circa 1937

I made my profile picture a poster about I have pneumonia. Obviously armed with peasant stock and viking blood, I do not feel the effects of pneumonia as the average weak person does. Nonetheless...I have it.

This poster is circa the late 30's and was created by the WPA. I am not smart and don't know what that is. I am also lazy so all I know from wikipedia is that it is some New Deal thing. I read the first line and that was that. So it seems the WPA made posters to educated the people. Like a PSA.

I love these posters.


What the hell is this? Why does it not say what 6 + 8 equals. Who is this helping? What am I missing. I fear I may be an idiot.


What? Is this informational? Is this designed to bring horror or joy? Is this good or bad? I need more direction.


You too can have one of those dishwashing jobs you have always dreamed of. What?


What? They had e-vites in the 30's?


The teacher of this class sucks. Why is that person's eyes the opposite of cross-eyed? Is that even humanly possible.


No way Jose. If the government is advertising for folks to move in....I can't imagine what goes on...


Again with the sketchy storekeeper...what was going on with produce in the late 30's? Were all storekeepers shady? It is somewhat horrifying. Yet brings me back to the question I asked on Facebook...why do we have tamper proof seals on various dairy products but produce just sits out for anyone to inject a syringe of anthrax into? Who? Who is this dairy menace that is a threat to whipped cream?

#8: is this the time before federal regulations? I would assume the milk man isn't soliciting crappy milk....but that is me. Happy to pay taxes to ensure I don't need to worry about such things - me. Wait - is this what people want? A society free of gov't regulation so we can PERSONALLY worry if milk was properly tested for disease? Odd.


The number of syphilis posters is disturbing. Apparently it was a real issue.


Is this a drinking and driving poster or are they telling you not to mix gasoline with your whiskey? Was that a popular cocktail. I really am lead to believe it is the later. I don't think it was even against the law until the earliest.


Like I said...lots of syphilis in those days...


Vague. So vague and so horrifying. What is going on? Did the common housefly have a deadly disease?




This explains the unaffectionate generations of 'ol.


Maybe the picture should show a man with gloves on....or some other contraption that involves hand protection.

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